Sales Training Seminars and Coaching

How Clancy can be of service to you.

Clancy Clark works with groups both large and small, including one-on-one coaching, to help his peers achieve unprecedented sales success and find fulfillment in their careers.

Sales Seminars and Workshops

Unlike typical sales trainers, Clancy Clark’s agenda is not to teach a sales method and have sales professionals apply this method in some systematic way. Rather, he wants to give back by helping other salespeople find their own sales identity and a vision for a fulfilling life to drive them and their results. From personal sales philosophies to power principles, this knowledge will see sales professionals through any challenges they meet along the way to success beyond what they previously thought possible.

Clancy built his reputation as a salesman by adapting to new situations and applying himself to the unique needs of each client. Whether you are looking to increase new business development or overcome challenges with existing clients, he will begin by listening to your needs and will then customize the sales training experience to address them. Seminars and workshops can vary in length and group size. Contact Clancy to explore which type of event best fits your needs.


Clancy is excited for any opportunity to share his Selling by Serving philosophy, which stands apart from the all-too-prevalent thinking in sales today. As an inspirational storyteller and nonconforming sales philosopher, Clancy can help audiences of any size move beyond traditional selling methods to unlock the authentic value of each of their sales relationships and their unique potential as sales professionals. Clancy’s presentations are fun, lively, and always delivered with the passion and energy he brings to everything he does.

To listen to a few of Clancy’s recent speaking engagements, click here.

Group and Individual Sales Coaching

Clancy brings a powerful approach to the sales coaching experience, helping sales professionals maximize the quality of their sales relationships, the sales results they achieve, and their fulfillment in their work. Clancy’s coaching effectiveness is derived from more than 30 years of successful sales and sales management experience. In addition, Clancy is a certified life coach, and has worked in that arena for more than 10 years. Contact Clancy to identify which sales coaching structure is the best fit for you and discover how he can help you take your success to its highest level.

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