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Author, Speaker, Coach

Our lives are the sum of the choices we make, and, through times both joyous and challenging, I have taken to heart how my choices impact the quality of my life. I’ve lived a life of intuition, following the callings which give my life purpose and not concerning myself with what others may think. It has made for a freeing, fulfilling life, and everyone should have the opportunity to do the same with their own life.

Among the most essential choices I’ve ever made was to live to serve others. In the spirit of my purpose and my unique gifts, my mission is to help you realize your own dreams and attain your own fulfillment.

Love Your Work Live Your Dream

A Guidebook

This is your life, and you deserve to live your dream. If you’re ready to enjoy a meaningful vocation that allows you to live the life you envision, then this Guidebook—a compilation of values, ideas, and actions which have brought me a life of fulfillment and abundance—will help you live a purposeful life moving ever toward your dream.


Selling by Serving

Find Fulfillment in Your Career and Sell More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Sales pros and novices alike will find value in this book, which stands apart from the all-too-prevalent thinking in sales today. Join me as I bring to life the experiences and epiphanies that shaped my wildly successful approach to sales. Go beyond the method to achieve the life of your dreams through service to others.


Speaking and Coaching

I am excited for any opportunity to share my philosophy of work and life, the two inextricably linked, whether through speaking engagements or coaching sessions. Connecting with others seeking fulfillment gives me meaning and joy, so I invite you to reach out and start a conversation, whether for yourself or for a group.


Meet Clancy Clark

In my 30-plus years of successful sales experience, I have quickly risen to the top of three different agri-business companies, in three different decades, in three vastly different geographical regions of the country. Now, I’m building a writing, speaking, and coaching platform based on helping others be more fulfilled and successful in their careers and in their lives.

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