Beyond the Method:

The Path to a Fulfilling

Career in Sales


Become an Invaluable Seller

For nearly a century, the sales industry has been locked in pursuit of the one true method for achieving success. But as more sellers become mere conduits of a method, each more alike than their proponents would care to admit, the industry loses another sliver of its humanity. For when you sell like everyone else, you are reduced to a commodity—in the eyes of your customers, your employers, even yourself.

Why not instead become invaluable? Sales is the most human of careers, because at its core sales is about relationships. And though relationships take work, by immersing yourself in the creation of each new one, you can find fulfillment and financial success beyond anything you’ve imagined.



Selling By Serving

True success in the business of sales starts not with the desire to sell, but rather the desire to serve.

Sales pros and novices alike will find value in Selling By Serving, which stands apart from the all-too-prevalent thinking in sales today. Join me as I bring to life the experiences and epiphanies that shaped my wildly successful approach to sales.

Move Beyond the Method: Sales methods can only take you so far. True mastery comes from learning your instincts, empathizing with each customer, and aligning your approach to bring unequaled value to all parties in the sales relationship.

Find Fulfillment: Even the most outwardly successful sales professionals can struggle with a lack of purpose and contentment. Through a subtle reframing of your career and your approach to selling, you can enjoy a career that fulfills you.

Learn from my story to improve your own career in sales. Achieve the life of your dreams through service to others.


Meet Clancy Clark

In my 30-plus years as a successful sales professional, I have quickly risen to the top of three companies, in three different decades, in three very different markets. In each case, I started from a base of zero sales with little technical knowledge of what I was selling. And in each case, I had to build my book of business in down markets for the industries to which I was selling. These results have drawn an endless parade of fellow sales professionals, at conferences and awards banquets, asking for the key to my success. It’s simple, really, I’ve made something other than the sale my highest priority, as you’ll learn in my book, Selling By Serving.

You will also learn that I am more than just a successful salesman. I am fulfilled. I love my work and take great pride in it, but I have found a way to achieve sales success without living to work. My work is a means to the life I lead and love. It is my goal to help you achieve both success and fulfillment in your own life.

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