Love Your Work

Live Your Dream


A Pragmatic Approach to Attaining Fulfillment

“Is there more to life than this? What should I be doing to feel more fulfilled?” Everyone at one time or another has asked themselves these questions—even happy, successful people. It’s your life, so you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your dream.

Fulfillment is one of the greatest aspirations in life, so if you’re ready to cultivate the willingness to do whatever it takes, then this Guidebook will help you discover your own path to loving your work and living your dream.



Discover Your Life of Purpose. Enjoy Every Day.

Love Your Work Live Your Dream is a compilation of values, ideas, and actions which have brought me a life of fulfillment and abundance, for they all helped me answer The Biggest Question: “What is the most important thing in my life? And knowing that, how do I go about creating a life that I enjoy every day?” For people without an answer to this question, life happens to them, not for them.

The answers are as individual as each person, so inside you will find:

  • A toolkit for ensuring your occupation provides you with real meaning and not merely a source of income.
  • Workable items to help you gain clarity regarding your life vision, as well as how to step into it more fully.

To begin your journey to fulfillment, you need to know the questions to ask, how to find your own answers, and how to will those answers to become your new reality. It is my wish that this book will help you live a purposeful life—enjoying your days, even when faced with challenges, and moving ever toward your dream.


Meet Clancy Clark

Following my chance adoption of Arlo, a Border Collie, in college, I embarked on an unconventional life journey, from training award-winning sheepdogs to a three-decade career as a highly-successful and recognized sales professional. Now I’m on to my next adventure: sharing my life experiences and wisdom as an author, speaker, and coach to help others attain fulfillment.

I have enjoyed the twists and turns of my life because I am fulfilled. I love my work and take great pride in it, and I have found a way to achieve success in work without living to work. My greatest passions are helping others be happier and more fulfilled, respecting all living things, and appreciating the collection of miracles I experience each day. I am a sincere, enthusiastic, playful, adventurous lover of life.

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